"Lauminas Residence"

Kindergarten on Nometnu street 48

Laumina Residence branch in Agenskalns, on Nometnu street 48

Nometņu iela Bērnudārzs ēka

Kindergarten on Nometnu street 48

The small but warmly decorated rooms and courtyard of Nometņu Street in Laumiņa are designed in an environmentally friendly way. Emphasizing the production of educational materials and toys from ecological raw materials, investing in love and care to give children the growth they need.

An atmosphere full of love is very important for everyday life to be calm and harmonious. As small, small steps follow the path of childhood, children become curious researchers. Every day children want to learn something new and interesting. Every day is spent actively - drawing, gluing, creating, researching, as well as doing active sports and loud singing.

The smallest ones have the opportunity to work with practical things - pour, relocate, open, insert and remove, apply and remove. As well as repeating many other actions and movements shown by adults, curiously exploring wider horizons.

Teachers organize play-based classes, covering all fields of study during the week, integrating them freely, in accordance with the set results for the acquisition of study content and various skills, as well as instilling values and morals. We also try to find a balance between beloved nonsense and play, and knowledge, respect, wisdom and mutual understanding on a daily basis.

By improving their knowledge in practice, the team ensures a comprehensive acquisition of the program, not forgetting the child's individual approach and positive cooperation with parents. Successful cooperation between staff and family as a purposeful process for the development of the child's individuality and the growth of the institution. Our institution and its staff are professional and kind, your children will be warmly welcomed, they will be fully taken care of and prepared for school.

Your children will be safe - the territory of the institution is fenced.

Linda Grietiņa

Manager of branch in Agenskalns

Ir our pre-school we have

Kindergarten groups

There are three groups in Āgenskalns kindergarten

This is the smallest group in the kindergarten.

Kindergarten group for 1.5 - 2 years old children.

Our bunnies are very mobile and active, curious children.

Kindergarten group for 2-3 years old children.

‘’Squirrels’’ love to explore and learn everything new.

Kindergarten group from 3 years to school age

Extracurriculars for children

  • Deju nodarbībās tiks veikti kustību attīstoši vingrinājumi, apgūti latviešu deju soļi.
  • Nodarbību ilgums: 70 min. (PIRMDIEN un TREŠDIENU 10:00 – 11:10)
  • Maksa: 30 eiro mēnesī.
  • Pieteikšanās: grupā aizpildot pieteikuma veidlapu.
  • Nodarbības balstītas uz mūziku angļu valodā, izmantojot dziedāšanas dialogus, lomu spēles, mūzikālas spēles, galda spēles, mūzikas instrumentus.
  • Nodarbības ilgums: 45 min. (OTRDIENĀS 11:00 – 12:00)
  • Maksa: 15 eiro nodarbība
  • Pieteikšanās: grupā aizpildot pieteikuma veidlapu.
Itrešu izglītība ir pieejama arī bērniem, kas neapmeklē mūsu izglītības iestādi.

Kindergarten environment

Kindergarten costs

500,00 EUR/mēnesī
+ 6,50 EUR / dienā - Ēdināšana
+ 100,00 EUR - One-time entry fee
+ 25,00 - 40,00 EUR - Extracurricular groups
Brāļu māsu (ģimenes) atlaide , katram bērnam no kopējā rēķina 5% atlaide.
Municipal co - financing

Tuition fees can be reduced with the support of your municipality. 

Sadarbojamies ar Rīgas, Ādažu, Ropažu, Mārupes, Ķekava, Sigulda, Salaspils u.c.  pašvaldībām.

With the co-financing granted by the Riga municipality - 328,54 EUR/mēnesī + 1,99 EUR/dienā ēdināšanai

Kindergarten on Nometnu street 48

Kindergarten for tiny humans with big personalities in Agenskalns