"Lauminas Residence"

Kindergarten on Ķelnes street 1

Laumina Residence branch in Mezaparks, on Ķelnes Street 1

Bērnudārzs Ķelnes ielā 1

Kindergarten in Kelnes street 1

Laumiņa Residences branch on Ķelnes Street is our newest branch, located right in the heart of Mežaparks. The pre-school educational institution started operating in September 2020. In the Mežaparks branch, young pupils are welcomed in modern, well-equipped premises, which provide children with everything required for comprehensive development. Here, knowledgeable and loving educators will make sure that the children feel welcome and happy every day, as well as acquire new knowledge according to the approach of competencies and play not only indoors, but also in the fresh air - in newly created playground.

There are 3 kindergarten groups in the new and beautiful rooms. In addition, we also have pre-school group with additional English language classes.

As the educational institution is located on the first floor of the office building, we have a separate entrance which allows to distinguish the flow of visitors to the building and increase security.

We have highly qualified employees who are creative and competent. Able to successfully connect with children in everyday work, motivate and interest them in various developmental and educational activities. Children are happy to do sports under the guidance of a great sports teacher.

Music lessons and festivities take place in a beautiful hall, creating an uplifting atmosphere and encouraging children to perform in public. Music lessons are led by a smiling and vivacious teacher.

Our institution and its staff are professional and friendly. Your children will be warmly welcomed, they will be fully taken care of and prepared for school.

Welcome to our branch in Mezaparks!

Klinta Gangnuse

Manager of branch in Mezaparks

Ir our pre-school we have

Kindergarten groups

There are three kindergarten groups in the Mežaparks kindergarten branch of Laumiņa residence.

Here grow our small ‘Lemons’’ - bright, curly, curious, and fun.

Kindergarten group for 1.5 - 2.5-year-old children 

Here grow our ‘’Cherries’’ - bright, enthusiastic, and curious.

Kindergarten group for 2.5-5-year-old children

Ananāsiņi (Pineapples) 🇬🇧
Kindergarten group with additional English language classes

Kindergarten group from 3 years to school age

Kindergarten environment

Kindergarten costs

560,00 EUR / mēnesī
580,00 EUR / mēnesī (angļu grupā)
+ 5,00 EUR / day - Catering
+ 100,00 EUR - One-time entry fee
+ 25,00 - 40,00 EUR - Extracurricular groups
Municipal co - financing

Tuition fees can be reduced with the support of your municipality.

We cooperate with various municipalities.

With the co-financing granted by the Riga municipality - 328,54 EUR/mēnesī + 1,99 EUR/dienā ēdināšanai

Kindergarten on Ķelnes street 1

Kindergarten for tiny humans with big personalities in Mezaparks