"Lauminas Residence"

Kindergarten on Bakuzu street 6

Laumina Residence branch in Jugla, on Bakuzu street 6

Bērnudārzs Juglā Fasāde

Kindergarten on Bakuzu street 6

The branch of Laumiņa Residence on Bākūžu Street is located right in the heart of Jugla with a dreamily beautiful apple orchard, where you can get a rich dose of vitamins in autumn. Spacious, beautiful and well-equipped groups allow you to fully develop and master the wisdom of the world, and the big hall is a place to learn the first dance steps. The whole building is surrounded by an infinitely beautiful and varied playground, where you can play and converse in the sandbox or race against the wind with balancing wheels, as well as race on slides, or simply soak your feet in a cooling pool on a hot summer day.

We have highly qualified employees who are creative and competent. Able to successfully connect with children in everyday work, motivate and interest them in various developmental and educational activities. Children are happy to do sports under the guidance of a great sports teacher.

Music lessons and festivities take place in the beautiful hall, which is equipped with sound and light systems, creating an uplifting atmosphere and encouraging children to perform in public. Music lessons are led by a smiling and vivacious teacher.

Your children will be safe - the territory of the institution is fenced.
Our institution and its staff are professional and friendly. Your children will be warmly welcomed, they will be fully taken care of and prepared for school.

Welcome to our branch in Jugla!

Linda Grietiņa

Manager of branch in Jugla

Ir our pre-school we have

Kindergarten groups

There are six kindergarten groups in our kindergarten in branch in Jugla

Bees like to explore and learn everything new

Kindergarten group for 2.5 - 3 years old children

The children in the group ‘’Grasshoppers’’, like the real grasshoppers, are mobile, lively, curious and very sweet.

Kindergarten group for 3-4 year olds

The dragonflies are united in song and dance. The dragonflies are a vocal and musical group.

Kindergarten group for 3-4 year olds

This is the smallest group in our kindergarten. ‘’Ants’’ are very mobile, and active, curious children.

Kindergarten group for 2-3 years old children.

‘’Ladybugs’’ start their morning with a smile and love, so that everyone in the group feels welcome. In this group, the days are filled with activities and emotions.

Kindergarten group for 1.6 - 2 years old children

Actively interested, happy to work to gain experience and understanding about themselves, others, and the world around them.

Kindergarten group for 4-7-year-old children

Kindergarten environment

Kindergarten costs

485,00 EUR / mēnesī
+ 5,00 EUR / day - Catering
+ 100,00 EUR - One-time entry fee
+ 25,00 - 40,00 EUR - Extracurricular groups
Municipal co - financing

Tuition fees can be reduced with the support of your municipality.

With the co-financing granted by the Riga municipality - 328,54 EUR/mēnesī + 1,99 EUR/dienā ēdināšanai

Kindergarten on Bakuzu street 6

Kindergarten for tiny humans with big personalities in Jugla