"Laumiņas Rezidence"

Kindergarten for little ones in Riga

Respect, hear and support every small personality, allowing individual and unique thinkers to become. By raising decisiveness, creativity, responsibility.

Kindergarten branches in Riga

Kindergarten in Mežaparks

Ķelnes street 1, Riga

Kindergarten in Jugla

Bākūžu street 6, Riga

Kindergarten in Āgenskalns

Nometņu street 48, Riga

Kindergarten in Brasa

Hospitāļu street 5A, Riga

Kindergarten in Šampēteris

Apūzes street 34A, Riga

Experienced modern teacher and parenting teams

An individual approach and a modern learning content to improve children's thinking from pre-school age. Through games, lessons, children not only acquire knowledge and skills, but also acquire awareness and management of their emotions.


Interest education and lessons for children

The pixie residence has an environment and classrooms in which the child is given the opportunity to grow and develop. Complement the curriculum with interest education to develop children's internal talents.
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