"Lauminas Residence"

Laumiņas rezidence - bērnudārzs un skola mazajām personībām

Respecting, letting their voices be heard, and supporting them as they develop their personality, allowing them to become an individual, and an independent thinker. Fostering decisiveness, creativity, responsibility.

Our kindergarten branches

Kindergarten in Mežaparks

Ķelnes street 1, Riga

Kindergarten in Jugla

Bākūžu street 6, Riga

Kindergarten in Agenskalns

Nometnu Street 48, Riga

Kindergarten in Darzciems

Sesku Street 48, Riga

Bērnudārzs Kokneses prospekts

Kokneses prospekts

Laumiņas rezidences skola

Privātā sākumskola “Rezidence.Laumiņa”

Brīvības gatve 211A, Rīga

An experiences, modern team of teachers and teaching assistants

We’ve created an individual approach and modern curriculum to develop children's thinking starting from pre-school age. Through games and activities, children not only acquire knowledge and skills, but also gain an understanding of their emotions and how to manage them.

Bērnudārzs Audiologopēda nodarbība

Extracurriculars and lessons for children

“Laumiņa residence” has an open environment where the child is given the opportunity to grow and develop. By supplementing the curriculum with extracurriculars, we develop children's inner talents.
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